Covestro LLC

U.S. Country Council

Jerry MacCleary

Chairman and CEO, Covestro LLC

Dr. Haakan Jonsson

President and Managing Director, Covestro LLC

Christine Bryant

Senior Vice President, Polyurethanes – North America, Covestro LLC

Aleta Richards

Head, Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties – North America, Covestro LLC

Michael Zierden

Head of Polycarbonates Product Management – North America, Covestro LLC

Demetri Nicholas Zervoudis

Senior Vice President, Covestro NAFTA Safety Officer, Head of PUR JVs & PO/PET Sites, Covestro LLC

Tom Balzer

Senior Vice President and Head of Supply Chain Center NAFTA, Covestro LLC

Roderick A. Herrick

Vice President and Site Manager, Baytown Industrial Park, Covestro LLC

John Lemmex

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Covestro LLC

David Rzepecki

Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary and Compliance Officer, Covestro LLC

Bill Allan

Head, Communications, Covestro LLC