Covestro LLC

North American Leadership

Jerry MacCleary

Chairman and CEO

Dr. Haakan Jonsson

President and Managing Director

Christine Bryant

Senior Vice President, Polyurethanes – North America

Philipp Polenz

Head of Polycarbonates, Commercial Operations – North America, Covestro LLC

Demetri Nicholas Zervoudis

Senior Vice President, Global PO JVs & PET Sites, Industrial Operations North America, Safety Governance

Tom Balzer

Senior Vice President and Head of Supply Chain Center and O&I North America

Roderick A. Herrick

Vice President & Site Manager Baytown Industrial Park

John Lemmex

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

David Rzepecki

Head of Law, Intellectual Property & Compliance Covestro LLC

Lanier Robertson

Vice President, Human Resources North America, Covestro LLC

Bill Allan

Head, Communications