Pushing boundaries for a brighter future

To make the world a brighter place. That is not only our vision at Covestro, but the inspiration behind everything we do — from the products we make to how we make them. Our vision gives us purpose. But how do we continue to deliver on such a bold promise? By pushing boundaries.

Where others ask “Why?”, we ask “Why not?” We aren’t afraid to question conventional processes or pioneer new ways of thinking. And this courageous attitude is what enables us to push the boundaries of possibility, developing innovative and sustainable solutions to help solve the world’s greatest challenges — and make it a little brighter.

Our commitment to “pushing boundaries” is best exemplified by the fascinating products, projects and stories in which we have been fortunate to play a role. The story below is one local example of how we are pushing boundaries in Pittsburgh, Pa., but we’ve collected stories from all around the world.

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