Major markets in North America

Automotive industry

Raw materials from Covestro enhance the style, performance, fuel efficiency and safety of all automobile classes, including sport utility vehicles (SUVs), light-duty trucks and high-fuel-efficiency vehicles. From bumpers to body panels, door panels to coatings, and lighting to windows, our materials can be found in many of the vehicles you love to drive.

  • Adhesive and specialty raw materials
  • Coatings raw materials
  • Polycarbonates/polycarbonate blends
  • Polyurethane raw materials and systems
  • Polyurethane and specialty elastomer films and sheets
  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes

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Construction industry

Covestro is a key supplier to the construction and home improvement markets, supplying raw materials used in the construction and maintenance of both commercial and residential buildings, as well as infrastructure projects such as highways and bridges. When you need a coating, an adhesive or specialty, an insulation product or a building material, chances are good that there is a Covestro product involved. Building material manufacturers, architects and contractors know and specify Covestro products for their consistent quality and performance.

To learn more about the important role of polymers, including polyurethanes, in construction and housing, visit the application information section of our global corporate website.

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Electrical/electronics industries

Whether new to the market or an old favorite ready for redesign, Covestro offers a broad range of materials with the right balance of performance, appearance and cost to help your product succeed in the electrical and electronics industries. As applications mature, original equipment manufacturers and molders face ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs while striving to achieve the optimal balance of functionality, appearance and productivity. Products must continually evolve, becoming smaller, lighter and more complex just to remain competitive.

  • Polycarbonates
  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes
  • Polycarbonate films
  • Covestro color technologies

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