Act local. Impact global.
Bringing purpose to Pittsburgh


THINC30 is a summit on transforming, harnessing, innovating, navigating and collaborating for a purpose-driven, sustainable future by 2030.

Save the date for THINC30 2018!

Date: October 17, 2018
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh

To register, please visit: https://covestrothinc302018.eventbrite.com.

What is THINC30?

Hosted by Covestro, this daylong event aims to explore how the Pittsburgh region can leverage a purpose-driven approach to introduce and accelerate sustainable business development, public-private partnerships and social innovation in Pittsburgh. The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. SDGs) provide a framework for “achieving sustainable development in its three dimensions – economic, social and environmental – in a balanced and integrated manner” by 2030.

"THINC30 is really just a starting point. It’s a daylong conversation to get us all thinking about how we can take these big, lofty [U.N. Sustainable Development] goals and put them into action right here in our region."
Rebecca Lucore, head of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Covestro LLC

A call to action

As part of Covestro’s i3 (ignite, imagine, innovate) corporate social responsibility initiative, THINC30 aims to:

  • Introduce the 17 U.N. SDGs to the wider Pittsburgh region, particularly business and industry, and showcase how they can be advanced by leveraging the growing need for purpose among individuals, organizations and businesses.
  • Explore how business and industry are responding to employees’ desire for more purpose in their work and lives to improve their communities and society at large.
  • Showcase the Pittsburgh region as a national purpose leader with bleeding edge ideas, solutions and strategies for companies and communities interested in formally embedding innovation, sustainable business development, corporate social responsibility and community building into their missions.
  • Issue a call to action to business and industry to cultivate their purpose – and that of their employees’ or citizen philanthropists – to accelerate sustainable business development, public-private partnerships and social innovation around the 17 United National Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to spotlighting regional best practice programs and featuring sustainability and CSR business executives, philanthropic leaders, and social entrepreneurs, the summit also convenes national and international thought leaders as keynote speakers, featured panelists and interviewees to provide aspiration, inspiration and motivation.

THINC30 2017 – The start of an annual tradition

In November 2017, Covestro hosted its inaugural THINC30 summit, bringing together more than 250 attendees, representing nearly every sector in Pittsburgh – from business and industry to nonprofits, government, foundations, higher education and media. The daylong event started a conversation around the power of purpose and its potential for shaping a more sustainable future in Pittsburgh.

The Takeaways

Click here to download the takeaway report from THINC30 2017.

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