A dynamic partnership
Rethinking the Rink


As the Official Innovation Partner of the Pittsburgh Penguins®, Covestro LLC is teaming up to make the game of hockey safer. Through this multi-year agreement, the two Pittsburgh-based organizations will join forces to explore how material solutions can further improve the safety and sustainability of hockey.
“We’re excited about this partnership – not only because it supports our strong focus on innovation and sustainability, but also because it represents the unconventional kind of collaboration that is characteristic of Pittsburgh.”
Jerry MacCleary, Chairman and CEO of Covestro LLC in North America

Impacting the safety of the game

Without impacting how it’s played

The unique partnership with the Penguins allows Covestro to examine potential applications across the sport of hockey with game-winning insight from a championship team. By pairing science with sports, Covestro can explore the role of materials in hockey, with an eye toward safety and sustainability.

The partnership with the Penguins further extends Covestro’s presence in the global hockey market. The company is also a premium partner of the German Ice Hockey League.

“The partnership between a championship hockey team and a global company focused on high-tech materials creates a unique environment for innovation.”
David Morehouse, President and CEO of the Penguins

Make-a-thon: Rethink the Rink

A unique collaboration with the Pittsburgh Penguins® and Carnegie Mellon University

Already putting its partnership into action, Covestro is teaming up with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to “Rethink the Rink.” This first-of-its-kind event will challenge students from CMU’s College of Engineering to develop material solutions that enhance the safety of the sport without compromising game performance.

This year’s make-a-thon will focus on redesigning the rink dasher boards and glass. Students will form teams and use their creativity and academic knowledge to develop prototypes for testing. Throughout the event, students will have access to experts and materials technologies from Covestro.

Hockey is an inherently physical sport – and the only one with a physical boundary. The goal of this initiative is to explore how recent advances in material science can be used to address the physical boundary and reduce the impact of players hitting the boards.

“Rethink the Rink” could ultimately have a long-term impact on the game. If the student prototypes are successful, they will be submitted to experts at the NHL and USA Hockey for feedback. Once the dasher boards and glass initiative is complete, the group could continue exploring the role of materials in other areas of hockey, including player equipment and rink construction.

“Bringing three Pittsburgh-based organizations together to think creatively about this challenge is an example of the entrepreneurial spirit and energy of the city and indicative of why it is flourishing today.”
James H. Garret Jr., Dean of CMU’s College of Engineering
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